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Standard Bollard Light Pole
Ceme-Tube Light Pole Footing Forms
Ceme-Tube Light Pole Footing Forms

New Lower Pricing! Shop Now!The CEME-TUBE™ will eliminate a multitude of issues which are caused from using sub-standard pier forming methods. Whether you are a contractor or a homeowner, don't risk project failure due to inadequate pier footings for your structure.

  • Eliminates "friction frost heaving"
  • Impervious to ground water
  • Impervious to moisture, before and after use
  • Can be installed, completely back-filled, & filled with concrete at any future time.
  • Can easily handle rough job site conditions, without losing integrity.
  • The CEME-TUBE™ works perfectly in conjunction with all manufactured footings like Bigfoot
  • Produces architectual grade piers
  • Works well for underwater docks and piers
  • Can be stacked to achieve taller than 4' piers, up to a maximum height of 20' (12' tall for 30" model)
  • Unlike cardboard tubes, the diameters are uniform from one CEME-TUBE™ to another
  • Eliminates call-back and problems due to footing failure
  • Easily cut CEME-TUBE™ to length with common power tools
  • Available sizes are 8", 10", 12", 18", 24". and 30" diameters. All sizes are 4' in length
  • Manufactured from partially recycled HDPE plastic

Designed to out-perform the cardboard tube in every aspect of use.

Ceme-Tube Light Pole Footing Forms
Ceme-Tube Concrete Forming Tubes
Ceme-Tube Concrete Forming Tubes
CEME-TUBETM LLC • 1293 Cty. Rd I • Hudson, WI 54016 • Ph: 715.377.2133 or 612.730.6880 • Fax: 715.377.2135 • E-mail: info@cemetube.com